Diablo 3 beta stuck updating setup files

As thousands struggle to play Diablo 3 and servers buckle under the strain, Blizzard has explained the various error messages players are receiving as they attempt to log-in - and offered advice on how to deal with them.

Two of the more popular error messages are 37 and 12.

Also they didn’t include some link but simply told me to go to battle net and get the goods there.

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I am installing by the file at /media/Diablo3/Diablo III It's been at "Updating Setup Files" for about 5 minutes, can't tell if it is hanging or if its suppose to do that. Blizzard suport recomends to check if the firewalls are blocking the game ports, and to flush DNS cache. As far i could see, the 3007 error is an generic error for conection lost.With the news of the Diablo 3 2.0.1 PTR opening earlier for one and all, players have been dashing to get their PTR accounts up and running and trying tpo access the PTR in the launcher.There are problems however as the button to create a PTR account on Diablo 3 Battle Net account page does not actually exist. We’re looking into the issue where players cannot see the “Beta: Reaper of Souls” option when in the desktop app (and after successfully creating a PTR account)It is thought that if you already have an account set up this button will not show.All participants can take screen shots, capture video, and/or publicly disclose information about their beta test experience.Of course this wouldn’t be as much fun if we didn’t try to run it in wine first.

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