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so I just don't bother dating Asian guys in general to avoid this problem.

One of my Caucasian girl friends started dating a Chinese man for a month, and she really liked him.

Finally, if you’ve had any sexual experiences at all and your performance was judged to be inadequate, this serves to cement the notion that having a small penis is to blame. While some average-sized men experience feelings of inadequacy when comparing themselves to large-penis men, they don’t really experience it on the level that a real small-dick man does.

Even those suffering Small Penis Syndrome, who think their penis is small when it isn’t, often still manage to find love despite their psychological hang ups.

Is it normal that I don't even give a chance or want to date an Asian man, because all I can think about is "Does he have a small penis?

" Everytime I do meet a nice Chinese or Asian guy, all I have in my mind is "Is the myth true that he could have a very small dick?

In addition to believing it would be inappropriate to continue publishing sex advice from someone facing such serious allegations, The Frisky is firm in its commitment to believing and standing in solidarity with victims/survivors when they come forward.

Maybe you’ve even been frustrated at not being able to find a condom that fits.

There’s also a never-ending focus on penis size in the media that continually reinforces the ‘size-matters’ mindset around you. Chances are, if you have a small penis you will certainly identify with one, or all of these scenarios.

" That thought alone turns me off instantly and then I don't even want to go on a date with an Asian guy.

Even if he has a nice personality or if he is the sweetest guy, I just can't get past the first date because I don't want my feelings to progress deeper and then find out many dates later that he has a small penis when we are ready for sex.

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